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App Presale

Integral solution designed to take the orders in sales route in presales.

Includes: Software presale for mobile (Android OS and / or WM) Portal Access management and reporting web, software maintenance (Updates, upgrades and technical support), import interface and export via MS-Excel, Bluetooth printing.

Data communication service and / or mobile device sold separately. 

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The process of presales is by visiting the sales points previous to the
definition of an optimized route who lets the presales (sellers) make the visit to take the order and suggest the order based in the purchase historical made by the customer.

According to the different studies made to our customers, in the actually
they used the mobile presale system, we have found an increase in the number of visits by 38%, an increase in the total sales generated in a 23% and a decrease in the time of the visit, this translates into a great
efficiency and productivity in your sales team.

El sistema de preventa móvil dentro de la plataforma Mobility in a Box, le permite a su equipo comercial en campo, el poder realizar su actividad de una forma sencilla y ágil al utilizar dispositivos móviles teléfonos smartphone o terminales handheld

El sistema de preventa móvil dentro de la plataforma Mobility in a Box, le permite a su equipo comercial en campo, el poder realizar su actividad de una forma sencilla y ágil al utilizar dispositivos móviles teléfonos smartphone o terminales handheld.

The mobile presales system into the Mobility in a Box platform, let to your sales team the power to perform its activity in a simple and fast way to use mobile devices, smartphone or handheld mobile terminals.

It has the ability to integrate management systems among them: SAP Business One, SAP S4 / Hanna, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Intellisis, Aspel, Compac, Open Bravo, Sales Force, among others.


Mobility in a Box is based in a “Cloud” model by subscription, in which one you only have to pay a monthly rent for the use of the system, although it is also available the system installed on the phone as the reporting system and administration accessed via web.


Note: Data obtain from customer with a range of between 25-250 sellers in field, in a period of 30 days, measuring time visit, quality of the service, checking sales products of slow-moving. Date of realization: October 2015.

Important: The ERP brands and logos mentioned are trademarks and logos owned by their respective owners, refusing interest on own names, logos and trademarks of third parties,
to be used only as a commercial reference. The solutions contained in the Mobility in a Box platform, count with capabilities of integration of various management systems (ERP) which are quoted separately.

The mobile presale within the Mobility in a box platform, is ideal for those companies in which its operation is based on sales force who visit the places based on a route, and lift orders for later to be delivered by a shuttle.


  • Change the perception of his client to see it as a supplier interested in adopting new technologies aimed at providing a better service to their customers.
  • Speeds up the process of soliciting orders in the visit, making it more accurately and without errors.
  • Promotes the sale of products based on a historical customer buying habits.
  • Minimizes visiting times by increasing the number of places visited by more productive sales force in the field.
  • It is a tool that besides providing control in the sales process, gives the seller direct information on prices, discounts and data related to marketed products, extending the skills of their internal systems (ERP, CRM) to the hands of its sales force.


  • Streamlines the process of lifting of an order at the point of sale.
  • Provides the necessary information to the seller (GPS) to complete his route as optimal as posible.
  • Provides information regarding the reasons for not selling.
  • It has Bluetooth for mobile printers.
  • Handles no inventory on board, the delivery process is performed through a mobile complementary system for closing the business process.
  • Allows ensure better market.
  • It has the ability that a supervisor can review the field visits.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by reducing the time of the visit and increasing sales.
  • Increase the number of visits in a route, visits are more, in less time and more efficiently.
  • Prepare the delivery route quickly and smoothly.
  • Speed up the close of the day to their sellers.
  • Get real-time information on the route of its sales (geo-location).
  • Allows the seller to have the information relating to the sales point and update in order these data to its internal systems (ERP, CRM).
  • Improve the level of attention to your clients by been more agile in the processes of making the order.
  • Let you know the prices of products.
  • The sales force system with onboard inventory is part of the available solutions Mobility in a Box platform which has the benefit that your company does NOT require to have infrastructure for implementation, you only need to hire it in monthly subscription mode.
  • Keep your sales team connected with the latest product information.
  • Ability to connect to several data sources and exchange information with their internal systems*
  • Allows adding electronic billing mobile.
  • Add the ability to collect with credit cards from your mobile device.
  • Add capabilities of loyalty system clients.


Mobility in a Box systems have the ability to exchange data in real time or via WiFi or Local, this flexibility is determined by you according to your specific operating requirements.
The security embedded systems are based on the encryption algorithms under 8bits for operation on mobile devices.

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This system is offered in the form of cloud service which offers the immediate benefit, of not requiring infrastructure (servers and data centers) for implementation, the only thing for you to have is mobile devices with operating platform compatible for operation.

Access to reporting and manage console is via web through secure access.

Technical requirements of mobile:

  • Android 2.2 or higher operating system or Windows Mobile OS.
  • 250mb of memory space
  • Communication via WiFi, GPRS, GSM, 4G , CDMA o UMTS.
  • Bluetooth (for ticket printing via thermal printer not included).
  • GPS (optional if geo-location is required).

Current version:

  • 1.2

Available languages:

  • Spanish
  • English

Compatible smartphone brands

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Handheld marks ( heavy duty ) compatible

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img 4

Mobile printers compatible brands


The Integrated Solutions suite of mobility in a box, have the capacity Systems Integration DIFFERENT manage their company thereby provide consulting and real-time data , to its internal system (ERP ) . These integrations require parameterization of the interfaces depending on the scope requeridos.No Integration costs included in the prices presented , as these will be fixed in each particular case , of your company.

The parameterization of the interface to do system is done through the use of Gateway Connection Powered by MSP , which is of Web Services USING Direct Connect . Included Has Discharge System information in a format MS – Excel and / or text .

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MSP has contributed with mobile technology leading companies worldwide who have entrusted on the quality and processes that our systems offer as well as best practices embedded in each of the software solutions available on the platform Mobility in a Box.

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