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App Taxi MS

Automatize your taxi fleet with a mobile system

Includes: Management software and customer service, private transport services, through the use of mobile devices (Android OS / iOS) Portal Access management and web reporting , software maintenance (Updates, upgrades and technical support)

Data communication service and / or mobile device sold separately. 

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App TAXI MS is a system for mobile devices that take advantage in the use of technologies such as GPRS and GPS Smartphone, designed to automatize Taxi service requests anywhere with phone coverage. To do this, the user can view from his Smartphone’s the taxis that are circulating in the area at that time, being able of select his favorite . immediately the taxi driver will receive a notification and decide if he will or not accept the service.
By accepting, the driver can go where the customer is, where both (driver and user) can see the route and time upon the arrival to the destination. The user can see from his Smartphone the route and reaching his destination, he can evaluate the service and recommend the taxi driver using the same application.

The user can share his route in Facebook to indicate where he are and where he’s going.


To whom it may concern:
– Users who apply and require a safe taxi
– Taxis Corporations and taxi drivers who require a friendly, robust and high-tech solution to capture a larger volume of service.
– Companies and organizations that provide private transportation services and / or concessioned

Robust and scalable system where users can request taxi service from an app, text messages or home call. Since the most recent (WiFi, 3G) or conventional technologies (phone call or SMS) converting it in the ideal choice to reach a major number of users and taxis affiliates.

Taxi MS can perform communication between different technologies, mainly in two communication channels, digital channel (App) or IVR (phone call and SMS) that accesses the server to check the nearest taxis, and the response is sent in the same
way it was requested.

The main components that are integrated:

– Technological infrastructure to operate and protect the platform
– Mobile taxi drivers application
– Web portal for monitoring
– Call center for online support IVR
– Mobile users application for Android and iOS platforms for iPhone®,
– Web portal for residential landline service (IVR)

Supported mobile operating platforms:
– Windows 8
– Android OS
– iOSEnterprise Mobility Portal
– Access to the management and assignment by website
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The Integrated Solutions suite of mobility in a box, have the capacity Systems Integration DIFFERENT manage their company thereby provide consulting and real-time data , to its internal system (ERP ) . These integrations require parameterization of the interfaces depending on the scope requeridos.No Integration costs included in the prices presented , as these will be fixed in each particular case , of your company.

The parameterization of the interface to do system is done through the use of Gateway Connection Powered by MSP , which is of Web Services USING Direct Connect . Included Has Discharge System information in a format MS – Excel and / or text .

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