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App Tablet SP Cloud

We re-invent the sales point for your business.

Software sales point cloud for Android Tablet

Management and reporting through the web portal
Maintenance of software (updates and technical support 24×7)
Interface import and export via MS-Excel
Bluetooth printing
Data communication service and / or mobile device sold separately. 

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Tablet SP Cloud is an ideal solution for small and medium companies that looks for a flexible and easy technological tool use, enabling the registration of purchase-sale products and services from a tablet.

Highly compatible with devices such as cash drawers and mobile and stationary printers.

The sales point system allows logging operations as input and output of products in your store, and control of revenues and expenditures in certain periods of time, this becomes as an Ideal tool for managing your business, and because it is designed for Android devices you can used in an unlimited number of equipment’s, that meet the technical requirements requested.

Now you can bring a more accurate management of your business and access to reports through the access to secure portal, Cloud Tablet SP requires permanent internet connection.

Get reports of total, maximum and minimum inventory sales, price lists, best-selling product, etc ..



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Designed for Tablet Android

Tablet SP cloud is based on the concept of software as a cloud service.

Tablet SP cloud has been designed to be used as a sales point by using Android Tablets

Get all the functionalities of Tablet SP Cloud by one only payment of perpetual license.

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Administration from the web

Advanced reports from the Web Portal


Enter the web portal and manage your sales points easily and safely.

Access and manage reports of your sales points from a secure web portal

The system has encryption database in case of placing the wrong password for more than five times.

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Multiple Sales Point

It supports credit card payment

Supports various peripheral devices

Tablet SP Cloud allows you the management of many sales points of Tablet SP, from the same website.

Add this capability to your commerce, with Bank Cards you will expand your customer data base (Only available in Mexico)

We have certified several peripheral devices and tablets of important manufacturers worldwide for the optimal operation of Tablet SP

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Availability of Integration to management systems

Electronic billing
(Only available for Mexico)

Sale of Electronic Air Time (EAT)

Tablet SP has the capacity of export and import from external management systems.

Allows immediate electronic billing from your selling point.
Optional functionality.
(Applies only in Mexico)

Add the capacity of sales electronic air time of different communication companies, so easy and simple, getting an additional income to your business. (Applies only in Mexico)

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Handling large stock

Technical assistance and updates

Tablet SP allows handling up to 2000 products.

It includes support and updates during the term of your subscription

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Tablet SP cloud is offered in the form of “cloud service” which offers as an immediate benefit, not required infrastructure (servers and data centers) for implementation, you only need to count with mobile devices compatible with the operating platform for operation.

It will also include, support and upgrade services included in the payment of your monthly income.

Access to reporting and management console is done via web through secure access.

Technical requirements for the tablet:

– Android 4.0 or higher operating system
– 250mb of memory space
– Integrated Bluetooth (for ticket printing via thermal printer not included)

Available languages:

  • Spanish
  • English

Mobile printers compatible brands

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The Integrated Solutions suite of mobility in a box, have the capacity Systems Integration DIFFERENT manage their company thereby provide consulting and real-time data , to its internal system (ERP ) . These integrations require parameterization of the interfaces depending on the scope requeridos.No Integration costs included in the prices presented , as these will be fixed in each particular case , of your company.

The parameterization of the interface to do system is done through the use of Gateway Connection Powered by MSP , which is of Web Services USING Direct Connect . Included Has Discharge System information in a format MS – Excel and / or text .

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MSP ha contribuido con herramientas basadas en tecnología móvil en empresas líderes a nivel mundial que han confiado en la calidad y procesos que nuestros sistemas ofrecen, así como en las mejores practicas embebidas en cada una de las soluciones de software disponibles en la plataforma Mobility in a Box.

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