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App Smart SP (mobile pay)

Sales point design for Android Smartphone

Include: Sales point software for Android OS smartphone, Portal Access management and reporting by web, software maintenance (Updates and technical support), import interface
and export by MS-Excel, Bluetooth printing.

Data communication service and / or mobile device sold separately. 

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The most innovative mobile sales point available in the suite Mobility in Box, designed to operate in smartphone Android phones, by offering complete flexibility in their business registration of purchase-sale operations of your business.

App Smart SP has several built-in functionality among which stand inventory management, connection capacity to internal systems (Administrative software), you can accept different forms of payment (cash, bank cards), generation of mobile ticket sales, electronic billing, electronic ticket sending mail to customer, customer management, sales reports, closing cash, security and many more features included, ideal for small and medium businesses looking to take excellent care to your customers.

The App Smart SP solution contained in the suite Mobility in a Box is an integral system for companies that have business model B2C, small and medium business who made the selling products directly to the final customer.

App Smart SP contains the functionality required to obtain the route efficiency, through the use of a smartphone (Android phone) or data terminal.

Today, small businesses need to have tools that allow them to be more competitive against competition, technological tools for this are to contribute to the business operations systematization of processes and especially control of each and every one of the operations performed every day.

App Smart SP has been designed to become a mobile sales point, to operate in smartphone Android, with a very simple and easy use graphical interface.

Imagine that a customer enters your establishment and treats directly at the site where you are located, gives the required product information (by direct consult in the mobile system) right there reads the barcode (requires a reader coupled device) and there can make the sale, charges by credit card or other form of payment and invoice sent by email or referral immediately.

– You can make more faster the process of attention of your customers in the sales floor of your business.
– Turn to each one of your salespeople into a sales point.
– You can give more faster and detailed information about each one of your products directly in the mobile device.
– Increases productivity by becoming a tool that speeds up the process of the sale, by this way your salespeople can help more customers in less time.
– You can accept payments by bank cards.
– You can accept service payments like payment of electricity, water, etc. (Only applies to Mexico)
– Electronic airtime recharges cell phones. (Only applies to Mexico)
– It reflects an innovative image of your business by using mobile technology.
– Improved customer service.
– Enables ticket printing or sending by email ticket
– Electronic invoicing available. (Only applies to Mexico)
– As the owner gets reports of sales transactions made by each of its sellers from anywhere, by consulting the online portal.
– Integrates with interfaces (not included) to internal management systems.



The application is designed to be adapted to the various operating systems, according to the capabilities and limitations of the device that they are using.Currently he is working on:
– Android OSTechnical Overview Mobile
– Android OS 3.2 system or higher
– 250mb space system memory
– Communication by WiFi, GPRS, GSM, 4G, CDMA or UMTS
– Bluetooth integrated (for ticket printing by thermal printer not included)
– Languages: Spanish or English.
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Handheld marks ( heavy duty ) compatible

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Mobile printers compatible brands

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The Integrated Solutions suite of mobility in a box, have the capacity Systems Integration DIFFERENT manage their company thereby provide consulting and real-time data , to its internal system (ERP ) . These integrations require parameterization of the interfaces depending on the scope requeridos.No Integration costs included in the prices presented , as these will be fixed in each particular case , of your company.

The parameterization of the interface to do system is done through the use of Gateway Connection Powered by MSP , which is of Web Services USING Direct Connect . Included Has Discharge System information in a format MS – Excel and / or text .

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