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App Re-Labeling

Streamline the process of product price replacement

Includes: Re-Labeling software mobile Android OS and / or Windows Mobile, updates and technical support.

Use of Handheld is recommended with barcode reader or RFID
Data communication service and / or mobile device sold separately. 

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The Mobile App Re-labeling is a reliable wireless solution, facilitates price change in product shelf at the time, using a mobile device.

The App Mobile Re-labeling allows you to automate the re-label of prices either up or discount, consequently decreases the margin of mistakes updating product prices.

Each product type has a different barcode.

Through Mobile App Re-labeling the product scans and identifies the current price and shows its characteristics.
It requires electronic signature to modify the price, you can print immediately the new ticket.
The system identifies products whose prices should change.
It provides flexibility and efficiency, thanks to his mobility. Besides being an easy tool for the user.
The workforce savings are reflected in the investment.

To whom it is addressed
The Mobile App Re-labeling is aimed to supermarkets or similar establishments which have products in shelfs and need to optimize the process time of re-labeling products


The system Re-labeling – has the following functionality basic form:

  • Security Access: security is presented in the access to the application within the mobile device, requesting a username and password
  • Scan product: Through code reader obtains product information.
  • – Product information: ID, name, current price and product features is displayed. With an option to print or modify the price tag.
  • Update Price: the new price and the electronic signature to authorize the modification is placed.
  • Once the price change, the data is updated and generates a new code for the product and proceeds to print the new label
  • – Synchronization: Send the information collected on the mobile device to the server, synchronizing data online.


Benefits of the solution

  • Take the experience embedded in our systems based on successful implementations in leading companies worldwide currently using our systems
  •   Increase the productivity of the process of re-labeling.
  • Reduce the margin of mistakes in the process
  • Reduce payroll employees assigned to the process of re-labeling.
  • Take greater control of products in real time.
  •  Generate detailed reports and analysis.
  •  Allows to know at all time accurate and real-time location your team.
  • Being modular allows add or remove modules according to their requirements.
  • Improved customer service being faster in the attention process.

The systems have the ability to exchange data with a constant flow of information in time online.
Data transmission is based on encryption algorithms under our own security operation mobile devices
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The application is designed to be adapted to many operating systems for embedded, according to the capabilities and limitations of the device in use.Currently working with multiple mobile operating platforms:
– Windows Mobile
– Windows CE
– Android OSTechnical Overview Mobile
– 256 Mb of RAM (minimum)
– Color Display
– Touch screen
– Communication GPRS / EDGE / 3G / WiFi / Serial
– Barcode reader / NFC / QR / RFID (recommended)
– Integrated Bluetooth (Optional)
– Sync cable (optional)
– Software for communication with desktop
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Handheld marks ( heavy duty ) compatible

Img 1img 2img 3img 4
img 4

Mobile printers compatible brands

img 16 img 17 img 18

Las soluciones integradas en la plataforma Mobility in a Box, cuentan con la capacidad de integración a diversos sistemas de gestión en su empresa, con ello suministran y consultan datos en tiempo real hacia su sistema interno (ERP).

Estas integraciones requieren de parametrización de interfaces dependiendo de los alcances requeridos.

No incluye costos de integración en los precios presentados, ya que estos serán fijados en cada caso particular de su empresa.

La parametrización de la interface hacia su sistema se realiza a través del uso del Gateway Connect desarrollado por MSP, el cual utiliza Web Services de conexión directa.

El sistema tiene incluida la descarga de información a en formato MS-Excel y/o Texto


Sistemas de gestión compatibles

Int 1int 2 int 3int 4int 5

int 6int 7int 8


MSP ha contribuido con herramientas basadas en tecnología móvil en empresas líderes a nivel mundial que han confiado en la calidad y procesos que nuestros sistemas ofrecen, así como en las mejores practicas embebidas en cada una de las soluciones de software disponibles en la suite Mobility in a Box.

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