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App Prescription

Manage your patients quickly and simply

Includes: Patient management software and emission of medical recipe for devices Tablet Android OS, with management and reporting locally (available by web portal access) Updates and technical support.

Data communication service and / or mobile device sold separately. 

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Make more faster the attention to your patients and management of their medical history, by using an installable app on a Tablet App Android.

The App of medical recipe has been designed for Doctors, which need to make more faster and optimize the processing time to make the medical recipe.

The system prompts the professional license in force whereby activates the
system for operation.

To access to the register you will need password as a security measure for creating medical recipes.
Generate file medical history of their patients, save medical recipes and other patient information.
To make a medical recipe, you can access to the patient’s medical history, saved in previous consultations.
Once the medical recipe was made, is saved in the history of the patient and by Bluetooth you may have the ability to print the medical certificate.

The App make more faster the search of information and makes the process more efficient in doctors Office that are not associated with the government health system, a very useful tool to keep control patients and their treatment.
Optional capacity online consultation through the management portal.

The App medical recipe is aimed to Doctors who have current professional license, which require a tool to make more faster the process of particular medical attention, management of medical records and emission of medical recipes through the use of a Tablet Android.

We describe the functionality of each one of the basic modules of the solution.
– Register: To keep the security of the proper use of the App, you must register your personal and professional data of the doctors.
– Security Access: We presents the security in the access of the application within the mobile device, requesting a username and password registered previously.
– Patient information: Personal data, history and medical recipes of patients.
– Printing medical recipes: Option to freely write the medical recipe for medicines and dosage. (By Bluetooth)
– Save recipe: Saves the recipe in the patient’s history.
– Consultation recipes: The doctor can see prescriptions per patient, per day or per month.
– Synchronization: Send the information collected on the mobile device to the server, synchronizing data online or at the end of daily activities.

– Take the experience in our systems based on successful implementations in leading companies worldwide currently use our systems.
– Increase productivity of medical consultations.
– Take the control of your medical recipes.
– Increase patient satisfaction.
– Generate reports.
– Being the application modular you may add or remove modules according to your requirements.

The suite based on Mobility in a Box systems have the ability to exchange data with a constant flow of information on time, online.
Data transmission is based on encryption algorithms under own security operation mobile devices.

Plataformas operativas móviles soportadas:
The application is designed for tablets with Android 4.0 operating system or higher and a minimum screen 9plg.Mobile Technical Generalities:
– Android 4.0 or higher operating system
– 256 Mb of RAM (minimum)
– Color display 9plg
– Touch screen
– Communication GPRS / EDGE / 3G / WiFi / Serial
– Barcode reader / NFC / QR / RFID (recommended)
– Integrated GPS required
– Integrated Bluetooth (Optional)
– Sync cable (optional)
– Software for communication with desktop
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