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App Fixed Assets

Register easily record the fixed assets of the company.

Includes: Software of Asset for mobile devices Android OS and / or Windows Mobile,
portal access to local or remote management and reporting, updates and technical support.
Handheld use is recommended barcode reader or RFID.

Data communication service and / or mobile device sold separately. 

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App Fixed Assets is the solution for fixed asset register which be designed for companies who need to have the control of their assets, every time you need to buy a product for your company, you only have to capture the data’s, and you can control the useful life of its assets, location, staff whom it was assigned etc.

You can also take pictures and show the condition is delivered the active initially and be taking captures during the useful life of it.

To whom it is addressed
Inventories and fixed assets solution is designed for all types of companies who needs take the control of all the fixed assets of the same, in order to have organized and placed each one of the assets of your business.

The system inventories and fixed assets – has the following functionality basic form:

We describe the functionality of each one of the basic modules of the solution.

  • Security access: The security is presented by accessing to the application by the mobile device, requesting a username and password.
  •   Initial capture of inventory of fixed assets: Initial data reception to fixed asset to be inventory.
  • Capture photos: Photographic evidence on the initial state of the asset
  •  Printing and digital signature: Electronic signature by staff that is receiving and by staff that will use it.
  • Dynamic queries. General queries on the status and useful life of the asset
  • Synchronization: Send the information collected on the mobile device to the server, synchronizing data on-line or at the end of daily activities.


  • Printing labels (Optional)
  • Support on live by mobile system
  • Integrated User Manual (Text)
  • Integrated user manual (flash / Video)
  • Special Alerts
  • Printing on special devices
  • English language


  • Take the experience in our systems based on successful implementations in leading companies worldwide that actually use our systems.
  • Make more faster the process of taking inventory of fixed assets in your company
  • Reduce process time making inventories of fixed assets.
  • You will have information in real time, eliminating duplication of effort, data collection and coverage manuals.
  • Generate reports and analysis, you may obtain analysis on time and motion, generating greater responsibility of the workforce.
  • You may easily integrate the data management systems.
  • Increases staff productivity capture of inventory of fixed assets
  • Being modular allows add or remove modules according to their requirements.
  • You may know at real-time location of your fixed assets.



The systems based in the suite Mobility in a Box have the ability to exchange data with a constant flow of the information in time online.
Data transmission is based on encryption algorithms under own security operations by mobile devices.



The application is designed to be adapted in various operating systems, according to the capabilities and limitations of the mobile device that are using.Actually we work with various mobile operating platforms:
– Windows Mobile
– Windows CE
– Android OSMobile Technical Generalities:
– 256 Mb of RAM (minimum)
– Color Display
– Touch screen
– Communication GPRS / EDGE / 3G / WiFi / Serial
– Barcode reader / NFC / QR / RFID (recommended)
– Integrated GPS required
– Integrated Bluetooth (Optional)
– Sync cable (optional)
– Software for communication with desktop
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Handheld marks ( heavy duty ) compatible

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Mobile printers compatible brands

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The Integrated Solutions suite of mobility in a box, have the capacity Systems Integration DIFFERENT manage their company thereby provide consulting and real-time data , to its internal system (ERP ) . These integrations require parameterization of the interfaces depending on the scope requeridos.No Integration costs included in the prices presented , as these will be fixed in each particular case , of your company.

The parameterization of the interface to do system is done through the use of Gateway Connection Powered by MSP , which is of Web Services USING Direct Connect . Included Has Discharge System information in a format MS – Excel and / or text .


Supported Systems Management

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