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App Customer satisfaction

App Customer Satisfaction

Include: Software of customer satisfaction for Tablet Android OS, portal Access management and reporting by web, software maintenance (Updates and technical support).

Data communication service and / or mobile device sold separately. 

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App Customer satisfaction is a system that offers the possibility to know the degree of customer satisfaction with the service on the sales point.

Today the knowledge of service level metrics is offered by its staff in restaurants and other sales points.
The system is composed of a software App Customer Satisfaction, which is installed directly on the Tablet Android OS, through which customers qualify the service.

The level customer satisfaction solution (Tablet), is designed for companies that needs to evaluate the degree of satisfaction of their customers with respect to their purchase, treatment and the speed with which it was handled, all based on the continuous business growth and improvement.

The customer has access to the Tablet where they will find satisfaction survey and answer graphically,
with emoticons or images that represent your frame of mind with respect to the treatment during the

We invite you to discover all the possibilities that App Customer satisfaction can offer, by using an Android Tablet.

The App customer satisfaction system has been designed to offer graphically by indicators and reports
which can be accessed by the web portal, which is included in their access, this way you can determine the
level of perception in the support provided by staff at the sales point of your business.

The solution customer satisfaction level (Tablet) is designed for all companies interested in customers feedback for continuous improvement of your company or business which seeks to guarantee the permanence of your customers.

The system level customer satisfaction (Tablet), it has the next following functionality basic:

– Security Access: security is presented in access to the application within the mobile device, requesting the folio that is on your receipt.
– Survey satisfaction with corporate graphic image: By accessing to the application it presents the survey containing images (emoticons) representing the customer feel for each question.
– Synchronization: Send the information collected on the mobile device to the server, synchronizing data on-line or at the end of daily activities.
– Optional Modules
The system is designed modularly therefore possible to add functionality it is according to the process requirements in the field.
The solution within the suite Mobility in a Box for mobile platforms, was designed for those companies whose automation needs are requiring processes and extend the capacity of their internal processes, which It contains the following benefits.

– You can know the degree of satisfaction with the service received by the customer by filling the electronic questionnaire of satisfaction.
– Improve customer satisfaction, know what they think of your service or product, obtain relevant data that
allow to adjust those important aspects to give excellent shopping experience to your customers or users of a service.
The suite based in the Mobility in a Box systems have the ability to exchange data with a constant flow
information online.
Data transmission is based on encryption algorithms under own security for the operation in mobile devices.

Supported mobile operating platforms:
– Android OS 4.0 or higherMobility Enterprise Portal:
– Access to the management and assignment by web
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