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Make more faster the collection process in the field of your managers

It Includes: Mobile collection software for Android OS mobile devices, access to local management portal or web and reports by the web, software maintenance (updates, upgrades and technical support 24×7), import and export interface by MS-Excel, printing Bluetooth.

Data communication service and / or mobile device sold separately. 

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Mobile collection system has been designed for companies that offer loans for the purchase of goods and services to its customers and that because of late payments is necessary the home visit by a collection manager.

The mobile collection system can handle promises of payment and also has the ability to obtain by scanning photographic documents that required identification.

An ideal way to recover overdue accounts by offering multiple payment options to their customers, who don’t pay in time, this way if they are visited by the manager, he can offer multiples payment options of credit
(bank card payment) or promises of payment.



Mobility in a Box is the suite of mobile solutions developed by MSP aimed at small and medium companies that they are looking to increase their productivity through incorporation into their processes based on the use of technologies mobile devices

Mobility in a Box está basado en un modelo ¨Cloud¨ de suscripción mediante el cual usted solo paga una renta mensual por el uso del sistema, aunque también está disponible en el cual incluye tanto el sistema instalado en el móvil como el sistema de reportes y administración que se accede vía web.


Nota: Datos obtenidos en encuestas realizadas a clientes con un rango de entre 25 hasta 250 vendedores preventistas en campo, en un periodo de 30 días, midiendo tiempos de visita, calidad del servicio, impulso de la venta de productos de baja rotación. Fecha de realización: octubre 2015.

Importante: las marcas mencionadas de ERP y logotipos son marcas y logotipos comerciales, propiedad de sus respectivos dueños, negándose el interés propietario sobre nombres, logos y marcas de terceros, al ser utilizados únicamente como referencia comercial.

Las soluciones contenidas en la plataforma Mobility in a Box, cuentan con capacidades de integración a diversos sistemas de gestión (ERP) los cuales son cotizados de forma independiente.

Today companies that are engaged in sales of products or services by credit face late payments by their customers, this is where it becomes necessary to have staff (managers) to perform the work to visit the customer’s home for request the payment.



  • Present the customer statement (obtained from the business systems or loaded from console).
  • Know your payment history.
  • Register a payment promise and if it´s necessary request signature.
  • Allows ticket printing or letter-size payment promise
  • Allows multiple payment at the place.
  • Increase the number of visits by their managers to collect.
  • Maximize recovery path.
  • Increased the posibility of payment because the client is under pressure at the time because he has to sign an agreement directly on a mobile device.
  • The image the manager gives to the client to have the latest technology.
  • You can have full visibility of the route of its managers ( GPS )
  • Allows payment agreements signed digitally.
  • Allows more accurate monitoring of the account.
  • Provides data in real time to your collection department.
  • Your company will be directly benefited by having a system that provides real-time reports for online and download them in MS-Excel or directly connect the data to its system of internal administration.



  • Easy to operate for the personal in the field.
  • Printing receipts for promise payment firm reelection.
  • Know the time and motion of its field staff across the route followed by GPS.
  • Send the information in real time to your collection department for decision making.
  • Generate and monitoring promises of payment from their customers.
  • The mobile collection system is an ideal tool for companies who want to increase the recovery of portfolio managers by visiting customers directly, mobile collection solution allows to generate signed pledges payment and get important data involved with the collection.
  • Allows its operators to carry the information account in the visit.



The systems Mobility in a Box have the ability to exchange data in real time or by WiFi or Local synchronization, this flexibility is determined according to your specific operating requirements.

The security embedded systems is based on the encryption algorithms under 8bits to work on mobile devices.

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The mobile collection system is part of the applications available within the Mobility in a Box platform in subscription mode (rent) offering the service in the “cloud” which gives immediate benefits, require no infrastructure (servers and data centers) for implementation, you need only to hace a mobile devices with compatible operating platform for operation.

Access to reporting and management console is via web through secure access.

Technical requirements of mobile:

  • Android 2.2 or higher operating system or Windows Mobile OS.
  • 250mb of memory space
  • Communication via WiFi, GPRS, GSM, 4G , CDMA o UMTS.
  • Bluetooth (for ticket printing via thermal printer not included).

Versión actual:

  • 1.2

Idiomas disponibles:

  • Spanish
  • English

Marcas de smartphone compatibles

Img 1img 2img 3img 4img 5img 6img 7img 8img 9img 10

Handheld marks ( heavy duty ) compatible

Img 1img 2img 3img 4
img 4

Marcas de impresoras móviles compatibles


The solutions that are integrated in the suite Mobility in a Box have the ability to integrate various systems to manage their business, thereby supplying and consult data in real time to your internal system (ERP).
Doesn´t include integration costs in the prices presented, as these will be fixed in each particular case of its business.
The parameterization of the interface to the system is done through the use of the Gateway Connect developed
by MSP, which uses Web Services direct connection.

The system has included downloading information in MS-Excel and / or text
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MSP has contributed with mobile technology leading companies worldwide who have entrusted on the quality and processes that our systems offer as well as best practices embedded in each of the software solutions available on the platform Mobility in a Box.

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